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A Torrance Criminal Lawyer Explains the Law of Loitering by Gang Members

Many cities have ordinances prohibiting loitering.  In Los Angeles County as in the city of Torrance, these statutes are used primarily to deter criminal conduct by youths.  However, there is a specific statute in CA that criminalizes loitering for known … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence Attorney in Torrance Saves Client From Deportation, a Client Review.

It is well understood that a conviction for domestic violence results in exclusion from naturalization and a denial of citizenship.  In one recent case, a Torrance Domestic Violence Lawyer won a case involving a spousal abuse allegation and battery.  The … Continue reading

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A Torrance Attorney Explains Legal Requirements For Obtaining a TRO For Harassment

In California, a court may grant a temporary Restraining Order (TRO) upon filing of a petition with the Court, with or without notice, if the plaintiff shows reasonable proof of harassment by someone (the defendant), and that he or she … Continue reading

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Long Beach Criminal Lawyer Launches New Online Forum

There are many resources available to those seeking information about criminal law.  however, many of these sources are unreliable or simply do not offer specific information relative to the geographic area sought.  Recently, a Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney launched an online … Continue reading

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Redondo Beach Criminal Lawyer Discusses Deportation

Persons who are in the United States without obtaining citizenship are subject to removal or deportation if they are convicted of any number of specific criminal offenses that the immigration authorities deem to be of such seriousness that they should … Continue reading

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Torrance Drug Lawyer Discusses The Law Of Drug Diversion

California law allows some drug offenders to participate in a drug diversion program (Deferred Entry of Judgement, PC 1000) to get the case dismissed. A defendant who is otherwise eligible by meeting the requirements set forth in the penal code … Continue reading

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Torrance Juvenile Attorney Gives an Overview of the “Juvenile Criminal Court Process”

In california, when a child is taken into custody by the police for a criminal violation, the judicial process begins with a detention hearing. A detention hearing is the juvenile equivalent of a bail hearing where a Judge will decide … Continue reading

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