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“Heat Of Passion” Defense Is Alive And Well in California

As any Torrance Criminal Defense Attorney knows, the defenses to murder are plentiful. In some cases when the evidence supports it the law allows an accused to mitigate his conduct by arguing that the circumstances were such as to necessitate … Continue reading

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Court Upholds Conviction For Possession Of Prescription Drugs

Here is a case that is not uncommon in today’s society. The defendant was found guilty of having a bottle of Vicodin and other pills, claiming that he was just holding on to them for a friend. Here are the … Continue reading

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I was arrested for shoplifting in Torrance, do I have to go to Court?

The law in California permits a privately retained lawyer to appear and represent a client in Court on a misdemeanor charge, shoplifting or petty theft is such a charge. Having defended hundreds of these types of cases I can say … Continue reading

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