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How Does the Extradition Process Work in California?

When one state charges a person with a crime, and the person is found in California, the state must extradite the person upon a proper request from the requesting state’s Governor. The person’s Intent or motive to evade prosecution do … Continue reading

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Immigration Law and the Criminal Courts

For anyone facing deportation due to a criminal conviction, it is important to obtain a dismissal of the case, the best way is to obtain a nunc pro tunc dismissal.  This order makes the judgment final as of the date … Continue reading

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Matthew Ruff Explains What to Do With The “Civil Demand Letter” in a Shoplifting Case

Here is the scenario: You were detained by a store security guard or loss prevention employee for suspected shoplifting. Soon thereafter you receive a very official looking intimidating letter from a law firm or agency demanding hundreds of dollars for … Continue reading

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Juvenile Court Can Impose Gang Restrictions on Minors

Juvenile offenders have unique rules and legal ramifications with regard to criminal offenses.  For example, in juvenile court, the judge may condition probation on the child’s not being present in any gang gathering area when the child is a self-confessed … Continue reading

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Torrance Court Will See its Share of Cutbacks in the Coming Year

In a new release posted last week, the Los Angeles Superior Court announced plans for the most significant reduction of services in its history. By June 30, 2012, the Court will reduce its staff by nearly 350 workers, close 56 … Continue reading

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