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Statistics invariably reveal that DUI cases in the south bay are on the uptick.  These arrests are fueled primarily by the influx of resources to various law enforcement groups that focus efforts on one type of criminal offense, most notably in Torrance and its environs is the driving under the influence task force.  With the South Bay DUI task force in  full swing, arrests for DUI and drunk driving related crimes is expected to increase in the new year.  Not many people know it but the Task Force is composed of police officers from many different agencies, Redondo Beach, Gardena, Hermosa Beach, Palos Verdes Estates, El Segundo, CHP, Torrance P.D., just to name the more prevalent.  This operation is designed to enforce DUI laws within the South Bay of Los Angeles County and the statistics indicate that the number of arrests for driving under the influence increased with the implementation of the unit.  Prosecutors predict the effectiveness of the task force will continue to grow as the number of officers that participate in the program grows.

From the perspective of a Torrance DUI Attorney, prosecutions in the South Bay are driven largely by checkpoint programs and highly focused enforcement efforts by the local police organizations.  The problem many foresee is that with the continued increase in enforcement will come a higher volume of cases funneled into the Courts and DMV hearing offices.  The question that must be addressed is will funding be available to deal with the adjudication of the criminal case loads?  We see that Courts are struggling to keep up with high volumes of cases and have had to create furlough days due to shortage of funds.  Conversely, there has been a rise in DUI police arrests.  At what point will the system reach a tipping point?

With this in mind, where does the average citizen stand when it comes to being arrested and accused of a DUI in Torrance?   The answer depends largely on the decision the person makes with regard to representation.  You see, picking the right lawyer is the single biggest factor that influences the outcome of a DUI case.   An experienced aggressive DUI lawyer will leave no stone unturned to obtain a dismissal of the drunk driving charges.  For example, in our law firm the attorney will always subpoena the records on the breath test used in the client’s case.  This ensures that the machine reported true results and not something based on a faulty device that is not in good working order.  Choosing a local Torrance DUI Attorney located in the city is also crucial.

The general public is completely unaware of the politics involved in the enforcement of drunk driving cases.  For all people involved in the enforcement and prosecution of DUI cases, there is a pressure to arrest and convict drunk drivers.  It must be remembered that there is no lobby for those accused of driving under the influence.  On the other hand for those wanting to see drinking drivers charged and convicted, the organizations are plentiful.  There is MADD and SADD, there is the insurance industry, the alcohol education schools, the ignition interlock companies, the DMV, all of which have a financial interest in seeing that DWI offenders get sentenced.  The only person on the side of the accused is the DUI Defense Attorney.

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  1. jimfesq says:

    All DUI defense attorneys have stories of how bad things can get without representation of an experienced attorney.

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