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Can the Police Search Your Home Just Because They Find Drugs in Your Car?

Does the fact that police officers find drugs in a car on a DUI suspect automatically mean that a search of the suspect’s home is warranted?  This was the question that the appeals court in California vs. Pressey decided in 2002.  … Continue reading

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Introduction to the “Miranda Rule” in Criminal Cases

The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution was forever transformed in the famous case of Miranda v. Arizona (1966) 384 U.S. 436, 478-479.  In that landmark case, Chief Supreme Court Justice Warren formulated a rule which, though revolutionary at … Continue reading

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Should a Defendant Testify in a Criminal Trial?

This is indeed an age-old question often asked by attorneys in criminal cases.  The answer to the question often depends on a variety of factors.  Issues such as the defendants background, character and credibility are among the top considerations in any … Continue reading

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