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A Police Officer’s Conclusions Concerning A Traffic Stop Do Not Satisfy Fourth Amendment Requirements

It is well settled that in order for the police to pull over and detain a motorist that there must exist a “reasonable suspicion” of criminal activity. That inquiry is not satisfied by the officer’s statement of mere conclusions about … Continue reading

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Court Rules Restitution For DUI Is Limited

It is commonplace for restitution to be ordered in a Torrance DUI case, particularly when injury results. In this case, the courts limited the time in which a victim can be compensated. The facts of the case are as follows: … Continue reading

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Appeals Court Denies Motion to Dismiss On Speedy Trial Grounds

The Constitution in this country gives those accused of a criminal charge the right to a speedy trial. This means that the government must prosecute the case quickly and avoid unnecessary delay. In some cases, charges are filed but the … Continue reading

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Torrance DUI Attorney Saves License With Forensic Evidence

We see forensic evidence being used in criminal cases such as murder, but what about DUI cases? Torrance Attorney Matthew Ruff did just that in a recent case involving a client who worked for a major utility company, had a … Continue reading

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Court reinstates possession of heroin charges

Judges will often throw out charges that they think are insufficient, in this case a judge did just that but the DA appealed and got the charges reinstated. The accused was charged by complaint with possession of heroin for sale … Continue reading

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