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Can a Non-Citizen Be Deported For Domestic Violence?

Yes. Many crimes in California are serious but the domestic violence crimes carry a particularly harsh consequence for those who are in this country temporarily.  The Federal Immigration Authorities despise all domestic violence crimes and when you commit one you can easily get … Continue reading

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Redondo Beach Bench Warrant?

What is a bench warrant?  It is an official order from a Judge to go out and arrest you.  The Court in Redondo Beach issues more warrant than any other.  A typical reason would be your failure to pay a … Continue reading

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Can The Police Enter Your Home On A Report Of Domestic Violence?

In one recent California case, the Courts say no.  In that case, occurring in a jurisdiction outside of Torrance, the accused was arrested and handcuffed outside his home based on a reported domestic violence incident earlier in the day. The accused asked his … Continue reading

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