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How Effective are Character Reference Letters in a Criminal Case?

I am frequently asked by my clients if they should provide character reference letters to the Court or Judge hearing the case.  My response depends on the nature of the allegations and the individual background of the accused.  The Court … Continue reading

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AAA Estimates the Cost of a DUI Conviction Can Exceed $20,000.00

In a recent study, the Automobile Club of California has asserted that the long-term costs of a drunk driving conviction could top upwards of 20k by the time the consequences fully run their course.  If you are under 21 than … Continue reading

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Can Restitution Be Ordered Automatically in a DUI Hit and Run Case?

The Court in a criminal case has the power to order restitution in any case where the defendant’s actions cause harm or loss to a third-party, but can restitution be ordered just because a person flees the scene of an … Continue reading

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