Client Reviews

The following are some recent online reviews posted by his clients on various forums such as Yelp and AVVO

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” I hired Matthew Ruff for a petty-theft misdemeanor I was charged with in late 2014. I was a nervous wreck as this was the first time I had ever been in trouble with the law. I had spoken to several attorneys who were doubtful that they could get my charges reduced based on the evidence presented against me, but Matthew explained to me that he was going to go to bat for me and do everything in his powers to make sure this stayed off my record- and he did.

He got my charges dismissed in exchange for community service & behavioral management classes- which I was told by my behavioral management counselor was “a blessing” and “not easy to do.” Matthew was always responsive to my calls and emails, and was always able to calm my nerves- something that I could not put a price on when dealing with an awful situation like this. In addition to this, Matthew charged me a very reasonable fee and dealt with all of my court appearances and catered to my busy work schedule. I would absolutely recommend him to anybody out there who is looking for the best resolution for their case. ”


2 Responses to Client Reviews

  1. Veronica says:

    Hands down, the best attorney in town. Gives exactly what he promises. I would definitely refer all my family and friends to him…Dismissed my petty theft case without a hitch. Thank you Matthew!

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