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Are Field Sobriety Tests Reliable?

In California, as is the case in most states, Field Sobriety Tests are used to determine probable cause to arrest for driving under the influence. The “tests” are also used as substantive evidence of impairment for purposes of proving whether … Continue reading

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Can Blood in the Mouth After an Accident Affect the Breathalyzer?

It is not uncommon in some DUI accident cases for the driver to sustain injury to their face from the deployment of the airbag. The force of the bag hitting the facial area can be quite substantial causing cuts to … Continue reading

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Judicial Profile: Torrance Judge Laura C. Ellison

Judge Ellison is a Superior Court Judge in the Torrance Branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court. She currently presides in Department C of the Court which hears mostly Felony Criminal Matters. Dept. C is a Trial Courtroom where cases … Continue reading

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