Judicial Profile: Torrance Judge Laura C. Ellison

Judge Ellison is a Superior Court Judge in the Torrance Branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court. She currently presides in Department C of the Court which hears mostly Felony Criminal Matters. Dept. C is a Trial Courtroom where cases are sent, via the current Court Matrix, after preliminary hearing according to their assigned case number. The cases heard in D-C include all manner of criminal offenses, including murder, robbery, DUI charges and all other felony cases filed in the South Bay.

Judge Ellison is a seasoned bench officer appointed by Governor Wilson in 1998. Laura C. Ellison was 35 years old at the time of her appointment. Prior to becoming a Judge she worked as a deputy district attorney in the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office. She was appointed to the South Bay judicial district where she has been a Judge in various Courtrooms, including handling preliminary hearings in Division 3 for a considerable amount of time, before it became the misdemeanor arraignment and EDP courtroom. For a time she handled civil matters prior to her current assignment. Her time in Civil Court clearly gave her a well rounded level of experience, handling motor vehicle accident cases, civil harassment matters and other civil cases.

Judge Ellison is a smart bench officer with an excellent understanding of the criminal justice system, the penal code and application of the law. She is well respected among the South Bay Bar and by lawyers on the prosecution side. As a criminal defense attorney with over 25 years experience, my experiences with her have been largely positive. She is no-nonsense and runs her courtroom in an efficient manner. Judge Ellison is fair to all litigants and gives everyone who appears in her court an opportunity to be heard. Her legal rulings are well thought out and grounded in the law. Her judicial demeanor is stern yet courteous and patient. Although, as with any bench officer, her patience can be tested at times, she maintains a good temperament and is considerate.

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Torrance Judge Laura Ellison

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Matthew Ruff is a Torrance criminal defense attorney located near the 405 freeway on Crenshaw Blvd. Focusing on DUI and serious criminal cases for over twenty five years. In addition to criminal cases, Matthew also defends clients at the DMV regarding license suspension hearings stemming from drunk driving arrests.
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