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A New Way To Treat Alcoholism?

Anyone who knows an alcoholic knows that treatment can be difficult.  Not every treatment is effective for every person, herd is a new and exciting approach to treating alcoholism. The Sinclair Method (“TSM”) is named after Dr. John Sinclair (recently … Continue reading

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The Police Are Calling Me For A Statement, What Should I do?

The Constitution in this Country gives us certain rights which protect us from overbearing or aggressive police and government agents.  The most important of these rights is the 5th Amendment right against self incrimination which affords us with the protection … Continue reading

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Torrance Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Important Trial Rights

Anyone facing a criminal charge enjoys very important Constitutional Rights that cannot be taken away or “waived” by anyone other than the accused himself.  As such, when a defendant is considering taking a deal , reduction, diversion or plea bargain … Continue reading

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