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Unlawful DUI Arrest? You be the Judge.

The police often respond to situations where the accused has arrived home and is inside the house believed to have driven while under the influnce, The question becomes whether the suspect is lawfully arrested if the officers enter the home … Continue reading

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Are Hermosa Beach Prosecutions For Urinating in Public Legal?

Have you been detained and cited for urination in public in Hermosa Beach?  If so Attorney Matthew Ruff can help.  He defends charges of public urination and has the highest success rate for dismissal of these violations.  You may think … Continue reading

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Prosecution’s Duty To Disclose, Part 2

It was previously discussed that a District Attorney has various duties under the Constitution to disclose favorable evidence in a Torrance criminal prosecution. that obligation is mandatory and self executing. In addition to that duty, there also exists a duty … Continue reading

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A Short Primer on Prosecutor’s Duty To Disclose

Prosecutors have a constitutional mandate to disclose exculpatory evidence to defendants in criminal cases. The failure to disclose evidence favorable to an accused “violates due process where the evidence is material either to guilt or to punishment, irrespective of the … Continue reading

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Criminal Appeals Court Reverses Rape Conviction

A jury in a criminal case, though not in Torrance, convicted defendant of rape with a kidnapping finding and other offenses. He was sentenced to 25 years to life. On appeal he challenged the court’s admission of sexual assault propensity … Continue reading

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