Criminal Defense Attorney Tips

In today’s society the value of a professional to guide you through a given situation goes without saying. Whether it be an accountant, architect, engineer, etc. the insight that a pro can bring to a problem is priceless.

However, when an individual is arrested, charged with a crime or just being investigated by the police many folks under appreciate the assistance a criminal defense lawyer can offer.

A local Torrance Criminal Defense Attorney can help the accused navigate the treacherous judicial process by identifying and pursuing legal defenses and help position the case in the most positive light.  Here are some tips to assist the lawyer in your defense:

  1.  Put together character letters and biographical information that counsel can present to the prosecutor and judge to show you are a good person.
  2. Write out a statement of the facts of the case while you can still remember the details.  Over time you will forget important facts so writing them down will memorialize them for future use.
  3. Let the attorney know if any mental health issues or medical problems that may have contributed to the offense.  If you have medical records, provide them to the firm as soon as possible.
  4. Be candid and honest with your lawyer.  Hiding or concealing facts can only hurt your case in the long run.  By disclosing negative facts early the attorney can effectively deal with them and take steps to neutralize the damaging nature of the facts.

Thank you for taking the time to assist the lawyers in your case.

1 Response to Criminal Defense Attorney Tips

  1. Ivy Baker says:

    I liked that you pointed out that no matter what you do for a living you can use a criminal defense lawyer if you get into a bad situation. After all, that is something you don’t want to mess up on. The consequences for not doing good in a case like that is prison.

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