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Search of Student’s Backpack Illegal

This case represents the principle that the police cannot stop and hold someone without cause and later search them and use the evidence they find against them. Here, the Police stopped 15-year-old J.G. and his brother D.G., for a “consensual … Continue reading

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Explaining The Charges In A DUI Case

Upon release from jail a person is given a citation or booking sheet showing charges the police imposed for a DUI arrest, what do those numbers mean? This article attempts to explain the most common charges associated with a DUI … Continue reading

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A Person Who Is Armed During A Crime Cannot Seek Reduction Under 3 Strikes Reform

Under California Penal Code section 1170.126, subdivision (e)(2), a defendant is ineligible for resentencing if he was armed during the commission of the crime. “A defendant is armed if the gun has a facilitative nexus with the underlying offense.” The … Continue reading

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