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Torrance Defense Attorney Talks About the “Fresh Complaint” Exception to Hearsay

In California, as in most states, hearsay is inadmissible in criminal trials.  One exception to the hearsay rule is the “fresh complaint” exception by victims of violence.  This legal maxim is commonly used in sexual assault and domestic violence cases. … Continue reading

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Torrance Criminal Lawyer Discusses Exceptions to the 2 Dismissal Rule in Felony Cases

In California, the general rule is that the District Attorney can only refile a felony case once after the charges have been dismissed.  However, there are some exceptions.  For example, Penal Code §1387.1 provides a statutory exception to the two … Continue reading

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Hermosa Beach DUI Attorney on How to Survive a DUI Arrest

 The city of Hermosa is a popular destination for people wanting to party and let loose.  The city offers many bars, clubs and nightspots for those looking to have a great time.  Hermosa also has its own police force that … Continue reading

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