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Catalina Criminal Defense Attorney

Catalina Island Criminal Defense Lawyer

Catalina Island is part of the Channel Island Chain off the coast of California.  The Island is the most populated of all the islands and boasts a heavy tourist season in the summer months.  Most folks arrive on the island via boat from Long Beach, San Pedro or Dana Point.  The main boat service is the “Catalina Express “ that operates back and forth shuttling passengers and their gear all year round.  While on the island many folks will relax and consume alcohol and other recreational substances.  What most people don’t realize is the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department has a large presence on the island and enforce the criminal laws with a heavy hand.

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Avalon is the city most people travel to, although Twin Harbors is also a frequent destination that caters to hikers and campers.  The local Court that services the island is located in Avalon  at 215 Sumner Avenue, Avalon CA 90704.

Catalina Court

Catalina Court in Avalon

If you were arrested on the island of Catalina you would be required to appear in the Court on Sumner Avenue at a future date for an arraignment. (Unless you hire counsel to appear on your behalf). An arraignment is a time to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty, it is not a time to present evidence or witness testimony so the arresting officer will not be required to attend.  In most cases, a local lawyer can appear on your behalf to enter a plea and obtain relevant police reports and evidence called “discovery”.

Over 25 Years Experience Matters!

Matthew Ruff is a local Top Rated Catalina Island Criminal Defense Attorney with 25 years experience defending clients charged with crimes on the island.  Some of the most frequent offenses are public intoxication, drug possession, domestic violence, fishing violations, DUI, including Driving under the Influence while in a golf cart.  Surprisingly, California law defines a golf cart as a motor vehicle and therefore treats the offense the same as being in a car.  Top Tier DUI Lawyer, Matthew Ruff can immediately stop the license suspension that stems from a Catalina DUI arrest and fight the case using innovative approaches he has developed over his 25 year career span.

Among the other common cases Matt sees on the island are domestic violence charges arising out of a night of heavy partying or overuse of alcohol and/or drugs.  As a local criminal defense attorney he can get involved early and try to avoid the case from being prosecuted by reaching out to the DA in advance and presenting exculpatory evidence or mitigation factors that are not contained in the police reports.

Avalon Criminal Defense

Criminal Attorney in Avalon California

For anyone looking for a Top Rated Criminal Lawyer that serves Catalina Island, call Matthew directly on his cell at 310-686-1533.  When you hire Matt he believes in providing personal service.  If you were arrested in Avalon you were issued a citation that orders you to appear for an arraignment at a future date, Matt can handle that for you.

“The Best Success Rate on the Island!”

 Over the last 25 years he has represented countless clients who have never had to go to Court. Our Law Firm boasts the highest dismissal rate and the best success rate in Los Angeles County and statewide.  In one recent case Matt defended a client charged with trespassing and drunk in public when he found himself on someone’s property after a night of heavy partying.  Matt fought the case and got all charges DISMISSED.

In another noteworthy case Matt was able to get all charges dropped when his client was arrested in Avalon for drug possession and public intoxication (PC647f).  The DA was adamant about getting a conviction due to public pressure from local residents to “crack down” on quality of life crimes on the small island.  Undeterred, Matt fought the allegations and obtained a complete dismissal of the case thereby keeping his client’s record clean.

In another significant victory, Matt got hired by a young person active duty in the military who was arrested in Avalon and charged with DWI. The case would have meant certain disaster for the client if convicted.  Matt put together a defense package and reached out to the District Attorney early on in the case.  The DUI charges were Dropped.

Hiring An Attorney Early Is Important!

Many folks looking for a DUI Attorney in Catalina are interested in knowing how the case will be handled.  Matt leaves no stone unturned when representing a client accused of drunk driving or DWI.  For example, he will routinely obtain the maintenance and accuracy records for the breath machine used to measure the BAC in your case.  By scrutinizing the records of the machine Matt can sometimes find improprieties in the working order of the device or uncover a lack of calibration or compliance with the statutory requirements.

In many cases the deputy arresting you will attempt to obtain a breath sample from either a handheld device (Alcosensor IV PAS device) or the table top machine (Datamaster DMT) back at the station.  What if you cannot provide a sufficient breath sample to complete the test?  The law in California states that the DMV can suspend or revoke a driving privilege for a refusal only if the officer properly admonishes the driver in accordance with CA law.  Matt knows these laws and can fight the case, both at the DMV and in Court, if you are facing a case involving driving under the influence in Avalon on the island of Catalina in California call Matt for a no obligation discussion about your rights, options and possible defenses. As a Top Tier Criminal Defense Attorney with over 25 years experience, Matt is the right choice for anyone facing serious criminal charges in Avalon or anywhere else in Southern California.

I was arrested for battery on a peace officer, what can I do?  Among the many crimes charged on the island are a lot of assault cases and cases involving battery.  Oftentimes people visiting will imbibe too much alcohol and encounter a public official who tries to detain the person and a fight may ensue.  A simple assault or battery committed against a public safety provider is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than $2,000 or imprisonment in a county jail for not more than 1 year, or both.  Battery on a peace officer applies to lifeguards, EMT personnel and firefighters.  The reality is that if you have a clean record you are not likely going to have to serve jail time, however, having the conviction on your record can be very damaging.  Matthew has fought and won many battery cases over the last 25 years and he can help if you were charged with battery on a peace officer (PC 243b) on Catalina Island.  Keeping your record clean is Matt’s goal!

What can I expect when I go to my Court date on Catalina Island? First, the travel to the Court is quite extensive, you have two choices 1. You can take the Catalina Express to the Court via either Long Beach or San Pedro, or 2. You can take the helicopter over in the morning. Once you arrive on the island you will need to find transportation over to the Court Complex and upon arrival wait outside until you are called. If you hire a private lawyer such as Matthew he can handle everything for you without you needing to be present.

Criminal Court on Catalina Island

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Matthew also helps clients get their cases expunged under PC1203.4. California law allows cases to be dismissed if the person successfully completes probation and obeys all laws. The process takes from 30-90 days and Matthew has been successful getting charges like DUI dismissed on the island. Other criminal charges that are eligible for dismissal include drug possession, domestic violence cases, public intoxication and assault and battery.

What about the DMV process after a DWI arrest? The Department of Motor Vehicles will seek to suspend a person’s drivers license if they blew a .08 or more while driving a golf cart or .01 or more if under 21 years of age. All hearings are conducted in El Segundo at the Driver’s Safety office. Matt has fought and won countless hearings but one must be requested within 10 calendar days after the arrest.

Call Matt on his cell at 310-686-1533

About thetorranceattorney

Matthew Ruff is a Torrance criminal defense attorney located near the 405 freeway on Crenshaw Blvd. Focusing on DUI and serious criminal cases for over twenty five years. In addition to criminal cases, Matthew also defends clients at the DMV regarding license suspension hearings stemming from drunk driving arrests.
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