Investigation Needed into Tow Company Charges in DUI Arrests

As a DUI Lawyer I have seen many abuses directed toward those who are too ashamed or embarrassed to complain.  In recent years I have observed one very disturbing trend- the overcharging for tow costs associated with DUI arrests, particularly in the South Bay, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach being the biggest offenders.  I do not know who is behind this ripoff however someone is making big money on the backs of DUI arrestees.  These exorbitant costs are broken down to the car owner as being vague and mystifying such as “DUI Fee”, “DUI Surcharge”, etc.  The fees go anywhere from $100 up to $300 and the total bill is often approaching $500.  This seems extremely excessive considering most tows are usually a couple of miles and the vehicle is stored for no more than a day or two.  What is even more perplexing is how the same tow companies are called out by police to tow cars when the vehicle is legally parked and posing no danger to anyone in the community.

I for one am outraged when I see people getting taken advantage of, and these tow company shakedowns to DUI offenders are currently at the top of my list.  The current focus of governmental abuse is on cities such as Bell and Vernon and how the officials were ripping off its citizens and enriching themselves at public expense.  This type of “theft” is often overlooked because the victims ar suspected criminals, otherwise known as DUI offenders who have little support, lobbying groups or places to turn for help.  Little sympathy is felt for people in this class but they are getting ripped off and something needs to be done about it.

About thetorranceattorney

Matthew Ruff is a Torrance criminal defense attorney located near the 405 freeway on Crenshaw Blvd. Focusing on DUI and serious criminal cases for over twenty five years. In addition to criminal cases, Matthew also defends clients at the DMV regarding license suspension hearings stemming from drunk driving arrests.
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